staff | June 16, 2011

 Equity markets have pulled back sharply in recent weeks and fears over the economic recovery are becoming more pronounced. BNN gathers two noted investors for their take on whether the bull-run of the last two years is over or if this is just a temporary roadblock.

"I don’t think we are at the end of the bull market because if you are signaling the end of the bull market you are basically shorting ingenuity,” Prakash Hariharan, Portfolio Manager at Front Street Capital, tells BNN. “After all, people build companies and grow their enterprise values over a period of time.”

"There’s been unsustainable values on account of fiscal policy measures propagated by the Fed,” he adds.  

Dunnery Best, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at CIBC Wood Gundy, says negative headlines are contributing to the dark mindset of investors.

“It feels frightening because of the headlines, but the building blocks [for economic growth] are firmly in place,” he says.