If you've visited my newsletter page, you'll notice that I haven't posted anything in about a year.  As much as I feel badly for neglecting to add new information to my own site, I'm happy to be writing for a great online financial magazine: www.FinanceWorks.ca

It offers fantastic articles on a variety of topics from budgeting, to mortgages, to insurance (by me!), to travel and more. And now it's available in Chapters and Indigo stores across Canada as well as online. 

Bryan, the creator and owner, has been kind enough to offer my friends, family and clients a free one year subscription to the magazine. As a visitor to my site, I count you among that great group of people so I'd like to pass on this free year subscription to the online magazine to you too.

If you'd like a free subscription, first you have to register:

1) Go to www.FinanceWorks.ca

2) Click the "registration" button

3) Fill out your personal information and click "register"

Once registered, you have to log in to use the promo code of Jford1. After logging on, just click on "Subscribe" enter the promo code and click "Apply code" and viola, you're now subscribed for 1 year.

 I hope you enjoy it!