There is a strong change that regulators may follow suit with Ontario and ban embedded commissions, which is how independant financial advisors get paid presently. Please visit this site for more information about the proposed changes to how financial advisors work and are compensated that will negatively affect clients going forward. 

People deserve choice and this proposed legislation removes it. Currently fee-for-service advisors exist and cater to high wealth investors but pushing the average Canadian towards this business model would mean that many people would no longer be able to work with an advisor.

We work with clients of all ages and income levels. At J.Ford Finanical, we're happy to help someone start saving with a $50 per month contribution but if we had to charge a flat fee up front, we know the average Canadian investor wouldn't set up a plan. With savings rates already at an all time low, this would be the wrong move for the majority of Canadians: 90% of Canadians have less than $250,000 invested.

This is not how we want the industry to change - to only have options for the wealthy, elite investors. Please send visit, scroll to the bottom of the page to enter your name,email and postal code in order to send the BC regulators a message.

Thank you!